The consumption of food made using animal ingredients by most of the developed countries in the world has reached an UNsustainable level for both planet Earth and its inhabitants, whit a lot of harm done to animals in the process.
Our products are the result of a very firm decision to respect the environment and animals and, at the same time, promote the good health of humans without depriving them of any culinary pleasures.
Our motto: “Living in harmony with what Nature thought best for us”, fully portrays the essence of what encouraged us to develop and implement a project in line with our lifestyle and ethical stance.
This company is the result of a joint-venture between two artisanal companies which have been in the food industry for decades. We are based in Italy right between Treviso and Vicenza, close to Asolo and the lessinia Regional Natural Park, near Little Dolomites. The philosophy of our company is founded on respect for animals and the promotion of human health. We care about the well-being of man as well as achieving excellence in the culinary arts. This is why our products are unrivalled when it comes to both health-promoting nutrients and exquisite flavor profiles.
On top of this we firmly believe that compassion and empathy, directed towards other living beings, have a positive effect on the mind and body, thereby contributing to general wellness.
Ethical sensitivity is being increasingly incorporated in the ways food is produced and consumed. Indeed, vegan cuisine is on a growing trend and is particularly appreciated for being light and innovative.
The WHO guidelines, through the use of a “Food Pyramid” recommend cereals and fruits at the wider base of the Pyramid, combined with a well-balanced diet, while animal derived food and refined sugars are suggested to be kept low when it comes to daily intake.
MozzaRisella is one of the many products we make with love, always selecting high quality ingredients and respecting animals and nature.